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only the best chat logs

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Author Topic: only the best chat logs  (Read 336 times)
Vocal Beat

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« on: August 04, 2015, 09:12:08 pm »

02:28:07: <Mariofan169> this is completely random but I wonder
02:28:11: <ChanServ> [Nysic] Packy:
02:28:47: <Mariofan169> why do people use both suck and blow to describe
02:29:09: <Mariofan169> I mean, they're complete opposites in the other way
02:29:19: <IcicleRain> because you suck but "suckjob" is obscene
02:29:40: <Mariofan169> I suck? ;(
02:29:46: <Mariofan169> >;(
02:29:51: <Mariofan169> :'(
02:29:56: <IcicleRain> no i mean
02:30:00: <IcicleRain> when blowing someone
02:30:02: <IcicleRain> you suck
02:30:06: <Mariofan169> oic
02:30:30: <Mariofan169> congrats, you made it weird
02:31:19: <IcicleRain> you asked
02:32:14: <Mariofan169> oh crap I forgot the other part of my question
02:32:38: <Mariofan169> gj me
02:33:12: <IcicleRain> hahahahahahahahahha
02:35:45: <Packy> ( ◕ ͜ʖ ◕)
02:35:49: <Packy> AT LEAST YOU TRIED
02:35:51: <Mariofan169> that was a **** up on my part
02:35:57: <IcicleRain> lol **** up
02:36:21: <Packy> I don't even understand why blow is used for "blowjob"
02:36:31: <Packy> like where at all in that scenario do you actually
02:36:32: <Packy> like
02:36:33: <Mariofan169> *beavis and butthead laugh*
02:36:34: <Packy> blow
02:36:54: <Packy> i mean maybe you do idk I DON'T KNOW THE SPECIFICS OF THIS ACT
02:37:04: <IcicleRain> you dont
02:37:05: <IcicleRain> but
02:37:07: <Packy> I'M STILL A VIRGIN HELP
02:37:07: <IcicleRain> like i said
02:37:10: <Packy> DON'T TARNISH MY EYES
02:37:12: <IcicleRain> suckjob sounds weird
02:37:42: <Anton{Politoed}> you don't really suck either
02:37:47: <Anton{Politoed}> you just like
02:38:06: <Anton{Politoed}> pull your lips in to cover your teeth so you don't scratch or do any damage if you bite down
02:38:13: <Mariofan169> what have I started
02:38:17: <Anton{Politoed}> and then work the shaft
02:38:20: <Anton{Politoed}> with your mouth and throat
02:38:23: <IcicleRain> mf this is standard chatgazing dw
02:38:33: <Anton{Politoed}> if you suck you'll create suction and that might be uncomfortable
02:38:49: <Nysic> WHAT DID I WALK INTO
02:38:51: <Anton{Politoed}> although I guess it might make the **** become erect much sooner and more efficient
02:39:08: <Stargazing> i'm crying
02:39:10: <Anton{Politoed}> you /can/ blow but that's typically more for like
02:39:16: <Anton{Politoed}> eating out an ass or ****
02:39:21: <Anton{Politoed}> not so much with dicks
02:39:28: <Nysic> anton
02:39:36: <Nysic> why
02:39:41: <Anton{Politoed}> Dear Anton: Late Night Edition
02:39:59: <Anton{Politoed}> you can lick the ****
02:40:01: <Mariofan169> I am so sorry people
02:40:05: <Anton{Politoed}> also when it's in your mouth you can like
02:40:15: <Anton{Politoed}> move your mouth as if you were saying words
02:40:24: <Anton{Politoed}> people like to go through the alphabet
02:40:31: <Nysic> WHAT
02:40:31: <Anton{Politoed}> it provides a variety of feelings
02:40:47: <Anton{Politoed}> you can do that to a **** or ass as well
02:40:51: <Mariofan169> my sides
02:40:53: <Anton{Politoed}> fun for everyone
02:41:16: <Mariofan169> I am legitimately laughing so hard
02:41:16: <Nysic> why
02:41:18: <Nysic> why
02:41:19: <Nysic> why
02:41:33: <IcicleRain> mf what did you do
02:41:38: <Nysic> i didn't ask for this
02:41:46: <Anton{Politoed}> it's also just not your mouth
02:41:48: <Packy> oooh I can understand that Anton
02:41:55: <Anton{Politoed}> it's not like a pie-eating contest where your hands are tied behind your back
02:41:58: <Anton{Politoed}> unless you're into that
02:42:04: <Anton{Politoed}> get your hands involved
02:42:09: <Nysic> ****
02:42:12: <Anton{Politoed}> it can help to stroke the shaft
02:42:13: <Nysic> christ
02:42:20: <Packy> you can grasp the balls and hold them too
02:42:24: <Anton{Politoed}> or to fondle the balls while your mouth does the work
02:42:26: <Nysic> PACKY WHAT THE ****
02:42:26: <Packy> yes
02:42:28: <Anton{Politoed}> yes, see, packy understands
02:42:28: <Nysic> WIFWUFOMnwnfu9WIOMD
02:42:29: <Mariofan169> OK THIS ENOUGH
02:42:43: <Anton{Politoed}> also practice safe sex
02:42:49: <Stargazing> i'm not so sure i like where this is going
02:42:54: <Anton{Politoed}> condoms do come in many flavors
02:43:00: <Anton{Politoed}> there's no excuse to not be safe
02:43:06: <Anton{Politoed}> dental dams also come in flavors
02:43:08: <Anton{Politoed}> mint is popular
02:43:32: <Mariofan169> how the **** do you know all this
02:43:36: <Anton{Politoed}> ;)
02:43:42: <Packy> also sometimes
02:43:48: <IcicleRain> mf you realise anton is like 25 right
02:43:53: <Packy> you can get your hands involved by holding the **** up while you suck on the balls
02:43:58: <Anton{Politoed}> yeah packy
02:44:07: <Anton{Politoed}> although I think that's kinda icky
02:44:12: <Packy> i think it is too :(
02:44:21: <Packy> especially if you're hairy
02:44:22: <Anton{Politoed}> the sensitive areas are near the tip
02:44:22: <Nysic> STAR **** DO SOMETHING
02:44:23: <Packy> that's kind of gross
02:44:40: <Anton{Politoed}> you guys should be learning this in school
02:44:42: <Mariofan169> OK I'M DONE
02:44:52: <Packy> isn't the super sensitive area like right below the tip on the bottom of the ****
02:44:55: <Nysic> i blame mf
02:45:01: <Anton{Politoed}> yes packy
02:45:07: <ChanServ> [Mariofan169] gaze your ears upon this:
02:45:08: <Anton{Politoed}> anyways for real this stuff should be taught in school
02:45:10: <Anton{Politoed}> because
02:45:22: <Anton{Politoed}> otherwise it's pure experiment and that's how people get hurt
02:45:23: <IcicleRain> i think teaching blowjob techniques in an all-girls school would be controversial
02:45:27: <Anton{Politoed}> or get diseases or anything
02:45:29: VocalBeat is just now entering the room
02:45:42: <Anton{Politoed}> well IcicleRain there's many thing you can do to a **** that's similar
02:45:45: <IcicleRain> especially since sex ed was only introduced like 10 years ago
02:45:46: <Packy> i've had a health class and we didn't really learn anything about sex
02:45:47: <Nysic> no anton
02:45:47: <Anton{Politoed}> I don't know as much about that though
02:45:50: <Mariofan169> someone change tohe topic
02:45:52: <Mariofan169> the
02:45:58: <IcicleRain> that'd be even more controversial lol
02:46:05: <Nysic> all you learn in sex ed is "don't have sex ever or you'll get all of the stds"
02:46:06: <Packy> as far as i know my cyberschool doesn't offer a sex ed so
02:46:06: <IcicleRain> my school hates gays
02:46:21: <Anton{Politoed}> ask your mom how you were conceived
02:46:23: <Nysic> at least now
02:46:25: <Packy> a lot of my classmates are probably **** unless they're just genuinely smart and know what the **** not to do
02:46:25: <Anton{Politoed}> I did that to my dad during a trip to florida
02:46:33: <Anton{Politoed}> we were in a car for hours and I just kept asking him intimate questions
02:46:39: <Stargazing> HUH WHO PINGED ME
02:46:47: <IcicleRain> star close your eye
02:46:47: <IcicleRain> s
02:46:48: <Nysic> me
02:46:51: <Anton{Politoed}> finally he told me that I almost ended up a mess on my mom's chest
02:46:54: <Anton{Politoed}> as well as other neat things
02:46:59: <Stargazing> no this is interesting
02:47:01: <Stargazing> somewhat
02:47:02: <Anton{Politoed}> we were in a large van filled with family
02:47:04: <Mariofan169> I am so **** sorry people
02:47:09: <Packy> PFFFFFFFFFFFFF
02:47:21: <Anton{Politoed}> yes
02:47:24: <VocalBeat> okay, who started this topic
02:47:26: <Packy> HAH
02:47:30: <Stargazing> i'm driving to florida saturday
02:47:30: <Nysic> mariofan
02:47:32: <Stargazing> should i ask this
02:47:37: <Mariofan169> VB FORGIVE ME
02:47:38: <Nysic> STAR **** NP
02:47:39: <Nysic> NO
02:47:40: <Anton{Politoed}> yes ask your parents everything
02:47:46: <Mariofan169> AND IT WAS A TYPO
02:47:50: <Anton{Politoed}> you're old enough now, you can know
02:48:07: <IcicleRain> i dont really want to know
02:48:12: <Anton{Politoed}> my dad also
02:48:13: <Packy> i'd ask but i'm not really interested in learning about my
02:48:13: <Packy> erm
02:48:14: <Packy> comings
02:48:17: <IcicleRain> i was an accident anyway dont want to make it worse
02:48:19: <Anton{Politoed}> previously pretty much a homophobe
02:48:22: <IcicleRain> oh my god packy
02:48:25: <IcicleRain> im laughing
02:48:28: <Anton{Politoed}> taught me a valuable lesson
02:48:30: <IcicleRain> 9/9
02:48:35: <Anton{Politoed}> that ass play is not out of bounds for heteros
02:48:36: <Packy> also my parents have never actually given me "the talk"
02:48:38: <Packy> so idk if they just
02:48:40: <Anton{Politoed}> it's not just for the gays
02:48:42: <Packy> figured i've already learned the ****
02:48:47: <Packy> because the internet
02:48:47: <Anton{Politoed}> have fun, try new things
02:48:48: <Anton{Politoed}> be safe
02:48:57: <Packy> and **** i live in 2015 nothing's safe to my eyes
02:49:05: <Anton{Politoed}> packy I can give you the talk
02:49:12: <IcicleRain> my parents gave me a book
02:49:14: <IcicleRain> no talk
02:49:25: <Anton{Politoed}> omg in my 5th grade class I think it was
02:49:30: <Anton{Politoed}> when we first started learning this ****
02:49:33: <Anton{Politoed}> they had a **** like
02:49:37: <Anton{Politoed}> pop-out book
02:49:42: <Anton{Politoed}> opened the page and a dick flew out at me
02:49:45: <Packy> HAH
02:49:52: <IcicleRain> wait what the **** 5th grade is like 3rd class
02:49:56: <Packy> jesus did they really teach sex-ed in 5th grade?
02:50:06: <Anton{Politoed}> it was beginner stuff
02:50:10: <Mariofan169> packy kinda
02:50:11: <IcicleRain> holy **** we got a course in 6th class and that was it
02:50:12: <Packy> i've never even had sex-ed i literally have no experience actually
02:50:12: <Anton{Politoed}> "this is what a **** is"
02:50:13: <Anton{Politoed}> etc. etc.
02:50:14: <Packy> learning this stuff
02:50:27: <Anton{Politoed}> things easily could've changed since 5th grade for me was like
02:50:31: <VocalBeat> that reminds me of this book of poems abot the human body
02:50:32: <Anton{Politoed}> 10+ years ago
02:50:33: <Anton{Politoed}> ;~;
02:50:37: <Mariofan169> like they talked about puberty but that's it
02:50:48: <IcicleRain> we have a health class but weve never done sex
02:50:55: <Packy> that's basically me, icicle
02:51:00: <IcicleRain> we talked about pregnancy for like a month though
02:51:05: <Packy> we learned like about the human body and yeah
02:51:07: <Packy> pregnancy
02:51:11: <Anton{Politoed}> it was 5th grade and then....7th grade?
02:51:16: <Packy> but nothing actually sex-related
02:51:16: <Anton{Politoed}> nothing in high school
02:51:29: <Anton{Politoed}> it pretty much was "here's the basic now go nuts and figure things out yourself"
02:51:33: <Stargazing> my 6th grade teacher went into so much detail for a 6th grade class
02:51:33: <Anton{Politoed}> basics*
02:51:43: <Anton{Politoed}> 7th grade had more detailed stuff
02:51:49: <Anton{Politoed}> diseases, how to check for cancers, etc.
02:51:54: <Anton{Politoed}> I've never had like
02:51:55: <Anton{Politoed}> a sex class
02:51:57: <Stargazing> my 7th grade teacher was too scared
02:52:04: <Anton{Politoed}> although college does offer it to an extent
02:52:28: <Anton{Politoed}> most learning of that comes through personal experience or information from interest groups
02:52:38: <Anton{Politoed}> if you get involved in any bit of like
02:52:42: <Anton{Politoed}> gay rights activism
02:52:52: <Anton{Politoed}> groups will often distribute info on how to have safe sex
02:52:53: <Anton{Politoed}> because aids
02:53:00: <Anton{Politoed}> and how to properly use toys and stuff
02:53:07: <Anton{Politoed}> I think that info should be taught in school
02:53:27: <Anton{Politoed}> but noooo
02:53:33: <Anton{Politoed}> people are too scared it'll turn their kids into sluts
02:53:43: <Anton{Politoed}> so their kids will instead try things without any knowledge basis
02:53:52: <Anton{Politoed}> because teens are **** fucks regardless of education level
02:54:02: <Anton{Politoed}> and whammo bammo teenage pregnancy
02:54:03: <IcicleRain> thats a big generalisation
02:54:04: <Anton{Politoed}> diseases
02:54:06: <Anton{Politoed}> etc. etc.
02:54:52: <Anton{Politoed}> well fine do you want me to amend my statement to " except some asexuals despite the fact that being asexual doesn't necessitate lack of pleasure from sex*"
02:54:57: <Anton{Politoed}> or do you understand the point without that
02:55:36: <Packy> i can say that having an ex-gf who basically wanted to have sex 24/7 and get pregnant instantly and/or buy high school graduation that i can vouch for that being true
02:56:21: <ChanServ> [IcicleRain] i am now roller trash
02:56:25: <IcicleRain> silly internet
02:56:34: <Anton{Politoed}> we should put this in the chat logs topic
02:56:37: <Anton{Politoed}> I'm sure the mods would love that
02:56:46: <NEXandGBX> lol
02:57:02: <IcicleRain> it sure is a chatroom moment
02:58:14: <IcicleRain> mf this is still your fault
02:59:07: <Mariofan169> I apologize so much for traumatizing you guys
02:59:34: <Anton{Politoed}> I was educating the youngins
02:59:55: <Nysic> tbh i hate how sex education is handled
02:59:56: <Mariofan169> though it was anton's fault to for
03:00:13: <Mariofan169> *too
03:00:14: <Stargazing> i would hate actually experiencing sex
03:00:17: <IcicleRain> that oun tho
03:00:19: <Stargazing> but i can talk about it
03:00:19: <IcicleRain> pun
03:00:26: <Stargazing> and give people advice or whatever
03:00:31: <Mariofan169> pun?
03:00:37: <IcicleRain> in-depth
03:00:43: <Mariofan169> also lyn would love this
03:00:44: <IcicleRain> oh my god did you not mean to make that
03:00:52: <Mariofan169> nope
03:00:57: <Anton{Politoed}> well of course I'd go in-depth
03:00:58: <IcicleRain> lyn probably actualy needs to learn this stuff
03:01:01: <Anton{Politoed}> I can't do any less
03:01:01: <IcicleRain> someone save the logs
03:01:03: <Anton{Politoed}> I'm gifted
03:01:11: <Anton{Politoed}> or a curse depending on how you view it
03:01:18: <Anton{Politoed}> if you want to view it I have pics too
03:01:21: <Anton{Politoed}> but only if you're 18+
03:01:21: <Mariofan169> anton post the logs
03:01:35: <Nysic> nope
03:01:37: <Stargazing> no
03:01:39: <IcicleRain> this is the secret **** society
03:01:40: <Anton{Politoed}> I don't want to get banned lol
03:02:03: <VocalBeat> mf, post the logs
03:02:20: <Anton{Politoed}> someone else can post it if you censor nearly everything
03:02:32: <Anton{Politoed}> it might actually make it more comedic with like 80% of the conversation blocked
03:02:37: <IcicleRain> every second word redacted
03:03:18: <Anton{Politoed}> if someone isn't I'm gonna
03:03:25: <VocalBeat> too much work, not enough time
03:03:29: <Anton{Politoed}> I'll do it
03:03:31: <Stargazing> do it
03:03:33: <Anton{Politoed}> I'll run it by a mod first
03:03:36: <NEXandGBX> itc: anton teaches sex ed
03:03:41: <IcicleRain> i dont have them anymore since i reloaded
03:03:44: <Nysic> chatgazing confirmed 100% best chat
03:04:16: <Nysic> it's like mwchat with less rules
03:04:34: <IcicleRain> whoa dudes one more year till im old enough
03:04:37: <IcicleRain> thats creepy
03:04:38: <Anton{Politoed}> I've got other chats that I go more in-depth in
03:04:56: <McD> [02:58] IcicleRain every second word redacted
03:05:00: <McD> easy there, scp foundation
03:05:02: <Stargazing> you can't here because the person who runs it is 14
03:05:16: <IcicleRain> ok ok
03:05:21: <Stargazing> but now i'm dead inside
03:05:24: <IcicleRain> every other word redacted
03:05:31: <IcicleRain> is that better
03:05:58: <McD> you can post the logs on the mcd forum
03:06:05: <McD> we have no rules
03:06:17: <VocalBeat> okie dokie artichokie
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